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          Company Profile


          Hunan Linecom Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating R&D and production with sales and service of medical device products. It is located in Changsha High-tech Development Zone, Hunan Province.


          The company specializes in the core areas of anorectum, maternity, oncology, artificial intelligence and medical

          big data research and development. It has a 10,000-level sterile workshop, and gathers a group of masters,

          doctors and senior technical experts with professional skills and industry background in the field of medical treatment, and having form a complete network of R&D, production, marketing and service. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company has obtained three invention patents and three utility model patents for the "elastic

          band ligation stapler", and become a specialized professional company with late-development advantages in the field of hemorrhoids ligation. EBL (elastic band ligation) is a model of perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern medicine. It is listed as the Key Recommend Products of Chinese Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Key Products of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Medical Devices in Hunan

          Province. At the same time, Medical acts as the agent for the new generation intelligent hot ball endometrial

          removal system Thermablate EAS of Idoman, an internationally renowned medical device manufacturer. The system is intelligent, safe and effective that can reduce the pain of women in hysterectomy.

          “Medical” won the honorary title of high-tech enterprise in December 2017, and was appraised as the Deputy Secretary-General Unit of the Anorectum Branch of China Association for the Promotion of Chinese Medicine, and the Consultant Unit of the Special Committee of Colorectal and Anal Diseases of Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine Association, Deputy Director Unit of the Hunan Biomedical Alliance, Deputy Secretary-General Unit of the Hunan Medical Device Industry Association, and Secretary-General Unit of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic of Hunan Provincial. Mr. Li Zhenjiang, the Chairman of the company, was named as the outstanding entrepreneurial talent in the medical device industry in Hunan Province in 2017. Mr. Xiao Bicang, the General Manager of the company, was awarded the outstanding innovation talent in the medical device industry in Hunan Province in 2017.

          In the future,  Medical will further take root in cutting-edge medicine. With the development of modern technology, we will firmly grasp the development trend of science and technology, realize the extension of big data value in the professional medical field, and provide better service for communication between doctors and patients. For the cause of human health, Medical will create a better future with the principles of concentration, ingenuity, growth and sharing.

          Elastic band ligation stapler

          Five advantages of elastic band ligation stapler


          1. The ligation ring is extremely tight with the inner diameter close to zero, and

          the iliac vessels are completely occluded, basically avoiding the risk of postoperative bleeding;
          2. The  is featured double-layer structure, high strength, large surface friction, and

          tight ligation. Therefore, it avoids some shortcomings such as “a short-term escape of the

          ligation ring after surgery that results in treatment failure; and uncompleted tissue necrosis

          that leads to delayed healing of the ulcer surface”. 
          3. The is made of special polymer material, which has unique performance, can
          avoid a

          series of inherent defects of the rubber ring, and can obviously improve the ligation effect.

          4. The elastic band ligation (EBL) can be performed for "ligation at multilayer and at the same

          horizontal plane or at misplaced multi-point". Each ligation ball tissue has a spread diameter

          of up to 3 cm. The lifting effect of the anal pad is obvious, and the mucosa is flat after healing,

          without foreign matter residue or scar. The overall effect of procedure for prolapsing

          hemorrhoids (PPH) can be obtained;
          5. The elastic band ligation stapler requires only two steps of simple operations (absorption

          and tightening) to complete a point ligation, which lasts for 10-15 minutes.

          Contact us


          Hunan  Linecom Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
          Tel: 0731-82203188
          Fax: 0731-82203188
          Website: http://www.jy-jx.com.cn/
          Address: 8th Floor, Building 10, Haiping Medical Device Industrial Park, High-tech Development Zone, Changsha, Hunan, China